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Conflict Resolution in the Humanities
by Lynn Kearney, USA

Date 01.02.2012

C'est la vie...     (The wreath of Sonnets)
My love shall in my verse ever live young...    (W. Shakespeare, Son. XlX)
By Natalia Shamberova, St. Petersburg, Russia

Date 01.02.2012

Teachers for peace and mutual understanding
The annual meeting in Kyrgyzstan
By Birgit Mogensen, Denmark

Date 15.09.2011

Phujel School, Nepal (på dansk)
af Nina Lund, Danmark

Dato 13.09.2011

The spirit of volunteering
by Shrea Thapa, Nepal
ITA Post June 2011

Date 19.05.2011


“An Approach in Teaching English Intensively: Reflection from Experience”
By Pegova Valentina Vladimirovna, English language instructor, Preparatory Program, AUCA, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, e-mail: prep@mail.auca.kg

Date 26.05.2011

My sweet enduring memories of the annual school festival of natural sciences
By Anna Alexeeva

Date 26.04.2011

Japan - view from the West
by Oksana Jørgensen, Hejnsvig, Denmark

Date 29.05.2011


Two Crises in Japan
By Kazuaki Sekine, Chichibu / Saitama, Japan


Date 29.05.2011


Social activities to the benefit of indigent children
By Dr. Julia Kipko, Lugansk, Ukraine
ITA Post Feb 2011

Date 21.02.2011


Unity in Teaching.
Tolerant leadership in a humanistic world
By Marina Azarenkova, Russia
ITA Post Feb 2011

Date 01.02.2011


World without wars
by Dr. Leo Rebello, India

Date: 14.12.2011


Educators for Peace & Mutual Understanding
by .Dr. Julia Kipko, Chairlady of Lugansk regional committee
"Educators for Peace & Mutual Understanding"
ITA Post Feb 2011

Date: 28.01.2011


ITA Nepal until 2010-  A tribute to an unsung hero Frank
by Jimmy Lama, Nepal
ITA Post Nov 2010

Date: 27.10.2010


Cooperative learning
brings democracy in the classrooom
by Eva Iversen, Copenhagen
ITA Post Nov 2010

Date: 25.09.2010


The Asia European Classroom
by Helene Tind
ITA Post Nov 2010



Tolerance at school
by Irina Meshkova, Moscow
ITA Post Nov 2010

Date: 01.10.2010


Tolerance as the unique value against nationalism
by Marina Azarenkova,
ITA Post June 2010

Date: 20.04.2010


How to teach in a multicultural society?
By Olga Tsoy
ITA Post June 2010     

Date: 01.04.2010


“Piggy Bank” method as a way to review material at Russian lessons.
by Ruzanova Natalia
ITA Post June 2010     

Date: 01.04.2010


Freedom of choice  as a fundamental element of education by Malinina R.L
ITA Post June 2010

Date: 01.04.2010