Teachers for peace and mutual understanding
By Birgit Mogensen, Denmark


In the middle of the night we were met by a smiling Ludmilla in the airport Manas.

Our driver and his wife Olga whom we later learned to know as a cheerful and warm person took us to our hotel where we got some hours sleep.


The next day the conference started with an introduction of all participants. And we were very pleased to see that many countries were represented. Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,

Turkmenistan, Belorussia, US, Germany and Denmark. This time four young students were in the group and it turned up to be fine experience and good company during these two weeks.


Guldzhamel Esenalieva introduced us to the programme, a programme which was very well planned and varied. She and the team behind her had really made an effort to show us different schools, the nature in their country and the culture of their people.

The topic for the conference this time was “ Teachers for peace and mutual understanding ” and each country presented their ideas and gave good examples how they worked. Emphasizing the opportunity teachers have to influence the ideas of peace on children.

The students had also prepared a presentation. Sancha and Jursuny gave us an insight in their country Kyrgyzstan and Geetee told us her story from Afghanistan.

But no understanding if it hadn’t been for Ludmilla’s translation all the time. Later on this job was often given to the young students and they really did a good job giving us information about the country, translating for us in shops and restaurants.

Many languages were spoken and you got along with a few words, smiles and gestures.


In Bishkek we visited school of “ Ilim “ where they had been working hard to reach the present standard with many educational ideas and materials. We were told that they hadn’t achieved their aim in school yet, but have come far. Lately they have elected a pupils’ councils.


At the University of Central Asia where Ludmilla worked we met a young prof. Janat Hetrick who showed us around and told about lecturing here. This is the university the young students attend.


Together in our the group were Gulnara , director of the orphanage close to the east coast of Issyk-Kul. She spoke warmly about her 37 children and her struggle with authorities and economical problems to run the orphanage. Big were our expections  and we weren’t disappointed when we saw a group of children running towards their “ mum” . An tousching moment when she embrased them.

last year there were violent troubles in the town of Osh and hence that children lost there families. Gaisha told us how they had rescued more than 30 children out of town and with great anxiety brought them in cars over the mountains to Gulnara’s orphanage in the north. Fortunately most of the children are united with there families to day

Thanks to these active and determined persons.


There were also days with relaxation near the Lake of Issyk-kul swimming in this wonderful water. Outings to the mountains very well arranged by Elbrus and wife with riding, walking and enjoying the delicious cuisine “ dostorkhon “ So fine adventures after working days in Biskek with nearly 40 degrees.

Coming back to Bishkek we had a final meeting with head of educational department, where the ideas of this conference were presented and hopefully the coming meetings will  be supported.

The last night Guldzamal opened her house to all of us and we enjoyed the last time together before we had to go to the airport to fly back to Denmark. 


 There are so many more things to tell about, but an unforgettable experience for me was that so many different nations, languages and cultures were represented in a group and we had such fine days together students, active and retired teachers.

Thank you to the Kyrgish group for a very interesting and well planned visit.

I didn’t know much before I came but I will certainly follow this country in the future.