Two Crises in Japan
By Kazuaki Sekine, Chichibu / Saitama, Japan

The two crises, a big earthquake and an accident of Nuclear Power Stations, happened on March 11 in 2011 in Japan. First of all we would like to express special thanks to all people and countries that help and support us. The Tsunami (tidal wave) caused by the big earthquake at the size of Magnitude 9 attacked the residents and buildings along the seacoast facing the Pacific Ocean. The number of victims is over 15.000, and the number of missing people is over 13.000. The buildings and houses got broken by the enormous power of Tsunami. Many residents lost not only their houses, furniture, pets but also their family. Over several ten thousand people still have to live at gyms or public facilities now. The conditions there are very tough, especially for elderly people, children, and pregnant women. We have to solve this terrible condition as soon as possible.

The accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations has been under the severe situation, which includes high level of radiation of Iodine, Cesium and Strontium, leaking of radioactive matters from the broken plants, a big amount of polluted water including a lot of radioactive matters, many residents who had to evacuate from polluted area etc. The three plants got such terrible hydrogen explosions that they scattered numerous amount of radioactive matters as 630,000,000,000,000,000 Becquerel, which is as bad as in the case of Chernobyl. Nobody knows when the serious situation will be solved and when residents will be able to come back to their home towns.

Many teachers and parents got very angry at the instruction announced by the government, on April 19. It said that the limited radiation level at school ground or field is appropriate for 20 mSv per year, which is almost same as the case of workers at nuclear facilities in Germany. Many people including students demand government to withdraw its decision.

I would like to describe the situation of the children and students in the damaged area. Some children lost their parents; they have to live with relatives or at public nursery. Some students have to move to another district because their former schools were destroyed by the Tsunami. Especially since the children and students in Fukushima are suffering from radiation matters, they have to evacuate from their hometowns for a long time, it might be for a year at least. Many children and students are getting back their smile and hope in spite of these severe conditions, they started studying, playing and laughing again!

Japanese people consider why the accidents of the Nuclear Power Stations happened in Fukushima. Recently the Prime Minister announced that Hamaoka NPS which stands just on active faults should be stopped immediately and the energy plan to build new 14 NPS in near future should be revised. Many Japanese people start on thinking how we can get a safe energy and how we could save energy. The earthquake and accidents of NPS are a terrible experience for Japanese people, but it gives us a good chance to think about our future.