My sweet enduring memories of the annual school festival of natural sciences
By Anna Alexeeva

An annual festival of natural sciences is held in our school. It lasts for 2 weeks and naturally has a symbol. It  is a fluffy red fat cat with sausages in one hand and a test tube in the other. You can easily find this symbol on all the   accessories that are given as prizes during the festival: flags, badges, diplomas that every pupil can get for the victory, participation or just help in organizing competition or contest.

During these two weeks of the festival every day there is an event that has a theme and held highly cultured and vividly decorated. A month before this holiday of imagination every class from secondary school is given an opportunity to choose the theme of activity they desire to be the leaders of. Pupils must think it over carefully and successfully present it on the previously selected day on the festival.

For example during the FNS 2010 there were 18 events. My friend Luba and I had to organize and hold one of them. It was “Initiation into chemists”. We checked knowledge of chemistry among the pupils of the eighth form. When the jury was counting the score we showed exciting chemical experiments. Later chemical theme was continued by other pupils.

There were  many different funny activities : “The wonders of chemistry”,

A game ALDY for the 9th form. There were also events with combined subjects where on one contest children had to show knowledge of several subjects at the same time. For instance a biogeographically game “Intellectual marathon”,  a game  “ Be active”  and interfestival competitions, a game: “ What? Where? When?”(the analog of popular  TV show). In this game pupils from  other schools also took part. I would also like to pay attention to a photo and picture competition that has an up-to-date problem: “My city –my responsibility”.

I am absolutely sure that the most interesting and vivid positive unforgettable thing was the ceremony of closing the festival. It was a bright, wonderful, music show. We got useful experience in different spheres. We were the presenters, the speakers, the organizers   only due to our marvellous teachers of chemistry and biology Korshunova  Svetlana Alexandrovna and Mirontseva Svetlana Vitaljevna.

This festival made us more friendly and cleverer. Festival forever!

Alexeeva  Anna

Schoo №985

 Form 9A

Translated by Meshkova Irina.

Посвящение в химики

Чудеса химии


Что, где когда


Закрытие фестиваля


Фото: Коршунова, Миронцева, Алексеева А.,