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Read about the trip to Kyrgyzstan in ITA Post October 2011

24/7 - 5/8 2011

Photos from the trip to
Kyrgyzstan 2011

For security reasons, the International Annual Meeting in Kyrgyzstan was canceled in 2010.

Ludmilla Sergeenkova, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan has invited to the meeting 25/7 - 5/8 2011 in Kyrgyzstan.


The programme              
for the trip to Kyrgyzstan 2011

ITA visit in Kyrgyzstan in
1993 and 1998 (klik)


Read more about Kyrgyzstan. (Klik)

Government Building in Bishkek

Letter from Ludmila Sergeenkova

Our dear friends,

On behalf of the coordinating committee let me invite you to take part in the 2011 International Teacher Association ( ITA )  meeting in Kyrgyzstan. We initiated the 2010 ITA  meeting in our republic but it was cancelled due to dramatic political events in our country. It is our second attempt to support the international teachers movement founded by Frank Kroeyer who was our outstanding leader for many years. Today we are planning our meeting without our unforgettable Frank and we will do our best to meet your expectations and contribute effectively to the great mission of ITA movement; to promote a culture of peace, education for peace.

It is our great hope to meet our friends from different countries. We do believe in your fantastic support. The teachers and students in Kyrgyzstan extremely need your support at present.We look forward to meeting you in our beautiful country where you will discover not only the beauty of nature but also many true, new friends.

We will see the program  with some slight changes in the attachment and the invitation for all interested to participate in the conference topic" Education for International Understanding; Peace Studies" You will find the details for the conference description and the information about funds in our International Teacher Post No 2 , December 2009.

We are open for any sort of proposals concerning price and program

With all our best wishes for the coming Christmas and New Year.
Guljamal Esenalieva, Director, Educational Complex "Ilim
Ludmila Sergeenkova, Assistant professor, American University in Central Asia