Frank Krøyer

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Frank Krøyer, retired senior teacher in Skive, has died, 73 years, July 30. 2010.

He was graduated from Skive college in 1959 and was for many years employed by Dalgas School in Skive. He managed to link his teaching profession with an extensive international involvement.

Frank was in the 1980s strongly committed to the 'No to Nuclear Weapons "and worked diligently to make contact with like-minded on the other side of the Iron Curtain. It was not always well received by the authorities there, but it made contacts that could be built upon even after the Soviet collapse. It became the 'International Teacher Association', which he founded and for many years was the driving force in.

There were organized trips for teachers and educators to a number of former Soviet republics from a belief that teachers have a special responsibility for the peace and a special opportunity to understand each other across all borders and cultures. On these trips it was a prerequisite that the participants could stay private and thus gains an insight into daily life in the country you visited.

At Frank's travels you came to places and saw things which  you would  never have seen as a tourist. Frank believed in the contact between humans and with his humor and his commitment, he created an understanding and a sympathy that could survive the cold war and is an inspiration to carry his work forward.
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