Tekstboks: In memory of Frank Krøyer
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From Moscow, Russia

My dear friend Frank!

My soul is crying. I can’t realize I’ll have no chance to see you again. But I’m sure that you are with us: your kindness, your nobility, your intelligence, your ideas.

Now I remember I’ve seen you the first time. It was your visit to Samara and Togliatty on the Volga. From that time we begin to cooperate. I won’t be able to forget my visit to Denmark. There I learned more about you. I saw a real master of our profession. You are (I can’t say was) a teacher in literal sense of this word.

We had mutual understanding. All your life is an example for me. An example how much I should love my country, my family and my job.

You should know I’ve lost a big part of my heart because you’re a real friend. I miss you.

They say the person is alive till someone remembers him. I’ll always remember you.

Good-bye my dear friend.

Raisa  Pochevalova, Moscow, Russia

From Nepal

Dear All,

Our hearts have paused in shock and in disbelief to hear that our dear friend Frank ( the keeper of the International Understanding through ITA) has passed away. At this sad moment, we pray that his departed soul rests peacefully in the heaven and that his bereaved family gets the strength to console with the irreparable loss they are facing. In fact, Frank is a member of all of our family for he has for so long kept the contacts around the world in the spirit of friendship.

We remember his days with us in Nepal vividly, and the energy, encouragement and support brought for us. We will keep on working hard towards fulfilling is mission of better international understanding and peace through friendship, cultural exchange and support.

With heartfelt of condolence, we send to him this greetings from afar on behalf of the entire friend involved with ITA Nepal.

With memories for Frank in love and prayers,

Jimmy and ITA Nepal Team

From Samara, Russia:

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with deep grief that I learned of the death of Frank Kroyer, my friend, partner and great person. All who knew him will always remember his kindness and his helpful advice. He was real the culture of peace's personality.

Please accept most sincere condolences and expression of wholehearted sympathy with you and all his Danish friends. Please also convey the sympathy to his family from me and Samara ITA's group.


On behalf of Samara ITA's group

Vladimir Ionesov

From Ukraine:

Teaching staff and administration of  Lugansk Building College of Transport Engineering ask you to present our sincere condolences to Frank Kroeyer’s family.   

We suffer a great loss! Frank was  our great friend – and he will  be our friend forever! The kindness of his heart, sincere care that brought the warmth to people, his wisdom and extra-ordinary strength of mind – all these are very dear and memorable to us.  We are very grateful to our destiny that our life roads have been crossed in this world!

We will always remember all the things that  Frank Kroeyer has done for us!

May his memory live long …

With great respect,

Alexey Omelchenko

Director of Lugansk Building College

of Transport Engineering

From Russia:

It is a great sorrow. It is a great grief, Frank was the heart and the flag of the ITA, he was a unique person. It is a great loss. I express my deep condolences to Frank's family. Our love and great respect to Frank will remain in our hearts and souls forever.

I am crying with you and all our friends. It is an unmeasurable grief. We must be even more closer, we - teachers from ITA. More than earlier Frank deserved by all his unique life to know that his child - ITA - is alive. Please tell his wife Mette, and his sister, and Per, and his sons how dear is my grief and sorrow. I am crying and praying.

With love and respect,

Marina Azarenkova

From Georgia:

I am very sorry to hear about my dear friend Frank Kroyer's death. He was really devoted member of ITA. He was very nice person to deal with. I was very happy to have a chance to be with him at ITA meeting in HUNGARY and have many friendly talks.

I am very sorry about him. I'd like to express my sincere condolences to Frank's family and tell his family members to be proud to have such a great person as FRANK.

With great respect

Galina Dugashvili from Rustavi, Georgia

From Austria:

Dear family Krøyer,

I wish to express you my condolences at the occasion of the passing of Frank. I knew Frank for 20 years, but in fact, we did not meet very often in person. He invited me, in the early 1990s, to join his peace education network, during a conference in Germany, I guess. Since then, we had always contact by mail and exchanged our findings and articles. Sometimes, I does not need very much to take to somebody. For me, this was the case with Frank, that I immediately liked. I will always remember him as a nice and noble person.


Werner Wintersteiner

Professor, Klagenfurt University, Austria

From Uzbekistan:

Dear Mette, Krøyer-family, ITA-friends,

We are truly shocked and we feel so bad to hear tragic news of Frank Krøyer's passing and we wish to express to you and to all your dear ones our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences.

It's a very special loss for you, for his colleagues and friends, for all of us in ITA-community worldwide. Frank was not only a prominent and respected peace educator, ITA-founder, its heart, soul and motor, but also a great person and a wonderful friend. He will be sorely missed and your sorrow is shared by everyone who knew and who loved him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Let Frank rest in peace. Take care.


Anatoly Ionesov, Bahodir Habibov,

Dr Ludmila Ionis, Malta Ionesova

Radik Rashitov

From North Ossetia:    

The news shocked us and we really can't believe that our friend is not with us on the Earth. Its a great sorrow for all who know Frank and who was working with him all these years.

Please accept our condolences  We do share this sorrow with Frank's family.


Natalia Chuprunova

From Pakistan:

This is a great loss to us. Mr. Frank was very nice person and very hard worked to establish the ITA. I am very sad to know that he died yesterday. The ITA Pakistan pray to God always to him and his family.

Noushad Ahmed Khan

Secretary General

ITA- Pakistan

From Belarus:

To the kindest and most sincere person who united people from the whole world in his organization “International Teacher Association”. We were happy to have an opportunity to communicate with Frank. He had a lot of interesting ideas which were realized in the journal, on the homepage, in life and were the moving force of education, ecology, culture…

Farewell, our friend!

Denis Sapko, Natalia Parada

Brest, Belarus

From Great Britain:

I am very distressed to hear this news and my thoughts and prayers go out to Frank and his family.

He was a truly remarkable man that will leave a lasting legacy in a World that need so many more people just like him.

I will light a candle tonight and say a special prayer for him.

Peace and love.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Frank's spirit will live forever.


Dear friends!

A great loss has befallen us. Our dear Frank Krøyer, the founder of ITA-Denmark, died after a serious illness. He was a generous man devoted to the ideas of peace education and human rights. I ask you to leave your words about him on the homepage www. idrak-m.com  It is one of the things we can do now in honor of his memory.


Fatma hanum Bunyatova, Baku

From St. Petersburg, Russia:

With great sorrow I've received this news about Frank's death. I've just come from a short vacation where I was out of net, sorry to be a bit late, but please express my sorrow to Frank's family. I will remember him, kind and friendly.

Natalia Shamberova



From Germany:

It’s still hard to believe that Frank has gone. Now it’s up to us to keep his ideas and his spirit alive.

I remember Frank as a very open, warm and kind person with a good sense of humour.

And I like the story about how ITA began. During the time of the “cold war” Frank had guests from Russia and when they visited his school, his students started to hide under their tables. That was when Frank thought, that there must something be changed. And he started to make a difference.

I can’t remember exactly, when I met Frank for the first time. I remember walking through Denmark on a Peace walk for a nuclear free Europe in 1987. On that walk we met different people from anti-nuclear-groups, teachers and students. We met Erik, an old teacher. One year later I heard about the Dialogue meeting which was held in July in Mors (Denmark). Together with teachers from Poland, Hungary, Russia, Denmark and Norway we discussed peace issues and it was interesting how it worked with so many different languages and cultures. And we didn’t have one common language for each of us. Maybe it was there I met Frank for the first time. He was one of the organisers of that meeting. Despite serious talks we had a lot of fun, cooking together, playing and joking.

Later I joined in a meeting in Hungary and many years later in Belarus and Ukraine. Again I became acquainted with wonderful, very special people. Again I learned a lot. Again good experiences, overwhelming hospitality, discussions, games, excursions, jokes. There is the same kind of people in every country, no matter what colour, language, culture or religion they might have. (And that’s what I try to teach my students.)

When Frank came to Germany for an anniversary at the Institut für Friedenspädagogik in Tübingen, he picked me up and we went there together.

And another time, when he and Mette were in Germany, they picked me up and we went to their home in Denmark and was honoured to be their guest. It’s always interesting to see, how people live. After that visit (and still), when I think of Mette and Frank, I think of their house and they view you have, the silence, the nature of that wonderful place. 

I’m very thankful for having met Frank and all the others who try to teach and live peace and make differences. For me ITA is part of the global family, we should all be.

Brigitte Müller

From Kyrgyzstan:

Dear Mette,Per,and Lars,

Dear ITA community,

Frank Kroyer died on the 31st of July. It is too hard to find words to express my sorrow . It is next to impossible to except the reality without tears in my eyes. Frank is still alive in my memory. I share sympathy with the members of his family; his compasionate wife Mette and his sons Per and Lars.

I would like to express my special thanks to Frank and the members to his family who touched my life so significantly. There were international conferences ( I was happy to meet Frank in Dubna, Moscow area in 1992), workshops and annual ITA meetings in different countries, and above all sincere greetings with family pictures on special events, regular correspondance and unbelievable hospitality at your peaceful home filled with warmth and friendship. Despite the great distance Frank was close to me at the most dramatic period in my life when I suffered heavy family losses. I will never forget your support. Frank proved to be a real friend in need.

It was my friend, Frank Kroyer, who brought many teachers together and contributed a special spirit to our International Teacher Association. Frank Kroyer, the sensitive soul, happened to appear all the time in the right time, therefore, he was close, helpful and supportive not only to me but to many people in Kyrgyzstan with educational projects for teachers , doctors, and students with righteousness in his heart, beauty in the character, harmony in the relashionship.

Frank demonstrated his dedication to the International Teacher Association promoting the culture of peace and non-violence. He helped me discover the best teachers, my friends, not only in Denmark but also in many other counties including the former Soviet Union.

We will never forget Frank Kroyer "a mighty power, a danish teacher, with his democracy, traditions, life values,challenges, ambitions who taught us to work and win achieving aims in a team".

We will do our best to assist the ITA movement and its development from Kyrgyzstan working together with our friends from different countries to ensure that International Teacher Association stays effective for decades to come. We are ready to discuss the possibility of ITA annual meeting in 2011 in Kyrgyzstan taking into account the peaceful development of political events in our country. We know Frank will be proud and happy with us.


On behalf of the ITA teachers from Kyrgyzstan

Ludmila Sergeenkova and Guldzhamal Esenalieva,

Members of the ITA executive committee

From Denmark

When good people leave…

by Oksana Jørgensen, Hejnsvig, Denmark
God saw you getting tired
and a cure was not to be

so he put his arms around you

and whispered,“Come to Me”.


With tearful eyes we watched you

and saw you pass away

and although we love you dearly

we could not make you stay.


A golden heart stopped beating,

hard-working hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us

he only takes the best.

Writing for IT-Post has always been a pleasure for me, except for this time. Today, even though it is more than a month ago that Frank died, I still feel unusually hard to put myself together and express my feelings in writing
Yes, we knew he was sick. Yes, we knew it was serious. But I truly believed he would be all right… the doctors would find something that could help… the modern medicine is so advanced now… Frank, with his great love for life, with his fantastic ability to enjoy the beauty of the world, countries, cultures, people, events… he would not just die, he can’t. I have never known any other person who at the age of 70 could travel so much, work so hard at different projects, keep in touch with so many people all over the world and still plan, arrange, organize, help, learn…


Now that he is no longer with us, I feel a deep sorrow and emptiness. But one thing I know for sure – there are so many people in the world who feel the same – those who knew and loved him. He had a natural talent to unite people, to unite by his journal, his ideas, projects, conferences, annual meetings etc, to unite those who would never have met otherwise. Today he unites us not only by his organization, he unites our hearts by the common grief of his departure. I know that for many years ahead, not a single meeting of ITA will go without us mentioning Frank, cherishing his memory. His  life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. When good people leave, it is difficult to see beyond the sorrow, but may looking back in memory will help to comfort us and built the road into the future.

Our dear Frank, your own family and your ITA family will never forget you. May you rest in peace.

From Hungary:

It's very difficult to write anything after getting the bad news on Frank's death. It seems to be unbelievable.

I have known Frank since 1989 and he was always active, ready to act and help other people. He was a man with a 'big heart'. I often admired his lifestyle, way of thinking and hardworking personality.He tried to solve all kinds of problems.

It was a great work to start the dialogue meetings and then create and improve an international association.

Can I suggest to name the association 'Frank Kroyer' ITA?

We were in close contact, he regularly reported me about family events, celebrations, wedding ceremonies (Oksana - even about your wedding he sent me some photos). We had common holidays in Scandinavia and visits in Hungary. So a few days ago I wrote a letter to Frank's family.

I knew about his illness and problems and I was worried when he wasn't able to write or talk on skype any more. It's a hard time to everyone - especially for his family. He was very proud of them, his grandchildren. I hope the work he had started would be continued.

Best wishes from Magdi

From Denmark


I want to commemorate Frank Krøyer.

I first met Frank in Gothenburg in the year 1991. It was on a sunny day in June. We were standing outside Gothenburg Railway Station when a middle-aged man wearing a white cap approached us and exclaimed, You look like somebody who are going to Leningrad! Am I right?

Yes you are, we answered unanimously.

Come with me to our bus and have a nice cup of coffee, Frank went on.

That’s how I first met Frank Krøyer, and I liked him right away.

His boyish smile and his dry humour.

My first impression of Frank never faded. I got to know him as a dedicated fiery soul who always wanted to fight for freedom, peace and democracy wherever it was needed.

His heart was especially burning for the former Sovjet States. He truly believed that peace and democracy could be spread out by people meeting each other across the iron curtain which used to divide Europe into an east and west side. He surely did a great job connecting people, making friends across strictly guarded borders and deep gaps.

We in Denmark esteem Frank highly for what he achieved and stood for during his life.

All honour to his memory!

            Eva Iversen, Copenhagen.    

Frank Krøyer .  The founder of  ITA

Frank had been ill since we were in Nepal in October 2009. In January it was found, that Frank was suffering from cancer. Unfortunately it was not a mild form of its kind. Friday, July 30 Frank passed away. He died in his home and his wife Mette and his two sons were by his side.

I talked to him on the phone a couple of days before he passed away, and I could hear, that he was in very bad state. I promised him, that we will take very good care of International Teachers Association, and we will work hard to continue the association in his spirit.

A week later we went to his funeral in Skive. ITA brought flowers  for the coffin. There were a great many people who would help to commemorate Frank.
Frank has founded the ITA, and he has developed the Association for what it is today. He has done a really great job for many people all over the world, and he has built something very valuable. I hope we will be able to continue the association in his spirit and continue the excellent and important work that Frank for many years has taken responsibility for.

But it is quite certain that we will miss him terribly much.

Jytte Svendsen, Korsør, Denmark