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Kazakhstan 2012
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Rejse til Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tid: ca. 3/7 - 14/7 2012
Pris: ca. 11000 kr.

Vi skal være i byen Almaty i 7 dage, hvor vi skal udforske byen og kigge på kultur og historie og 7 dages rejse gennem de smukkeste steder i Almatyregionen.
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Invitation from Natalia Bahmutova
Almaty, Kazakhstan

In 2012 at the annual meeting of the International Association of Teachers (ITA) will be attended by teachers to address the issue of peace without war.

The world is full of wars, which affect not only thousands but millions of people. How to make sure that people do not suffer either physically or emotionally, what we do and even teachers can do to make the world a brighter, smarter and better? This is the question that we, teachers from around the world, can ponder and change the experience between each other.

Through keynote addresses, breakout sessions, round tables, training conferences maximize opportunities for interaction between teachers and educators in order to further the academic dialogue on education for peace, tolerance and international understanding.

The teacher's role is humane and peace in the souls of men. Therefore, our conference is so important for us, our students, our countries and the entire world.

In addition to the academic program, participants will be able to enjoy the view of the cultural program aimed at understanding in Kazakhstan, a country with diverse cultures, people living close to the one area that complement and enrich each other, live in peace and harmony for 20 years after the independence.

The cultural program is rich in information on Kazakhstan, its nature, geography, history and culture of its people.

The program represents a significant contribution to those seeking to gain an understanding of cultural diversity within the framework of International Education and Peace Studies.

Annual Meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Time: 3/7 - 14/7 2012
Costs: app 800 Euro

The program includes seven days in Almaty, where you can explore the city, with sights and history and seven days journey through the most beautiful places in the Almaty region.

Sign up:
Those wishing to take part in the presentation, please bubmit their abstracts before May 31, 2012.
Format: 1 page (200 words) in English.
To recieve e-mail:
nata_leader@mail.ru  or g.bakhmutov@gmail.com

Read the detailed program here