Annual meeting 2012

 ITA General Assembly

July 12th, 2012, Almaty

Attended by: Marina Azarenkova, Jytte Svendsen, Ester Winther, Ole Gaden, Inger Gaden, Ellen Goting, Sonja JÝrgensen, Lise Rosenberg, Gry Hodal, Petia , Brigitte Mueller

Jytte Svendsen was elected to be the chairwoman

1.       Membership fee: We suggest, that ITA  members  in a country could  establish a local group. The local groups can decide to demand membership fee. The money is going to be used on local work or can be donated to local institutions. The local groups give a report about their activities and account and budget at the next international meeting. If they canít join the meeting, they send their report to Jytte. The meeting agreed.

2.       How to manage cheaper annual meetings: Shorten the time (8-10 days), cheap accommodation and food. Stay at only one place.

3.       Suggestions for content of next years meeting (most likely in Bulgaria): Meetings with local teachers, visiting different institutions (schools, orphanages), learning about the country, visit local teachers in small groups.

4.       Subscription for the coming year: Living values in a world of sustainable development.  Marina is going to send issues every month to the teachers of ITA as inspiration for their work as teachers. You can choose only to work with the main subject or follow the monthly ideas of Marina.  The president will start collecting articles for a book on subjects as ďtolerance, world without war, living values in a world of sustainable development. Marina will ask for money from funds for this book.

5.       Marina reads the resolution of ITA-meeting to UNESCO, UN and put on ITA website.


Brigitte Mueller