We are part of the international educational network

created from a Danish initiative 26 years ago.


 The association's purpose is to develop an international educational network and by this build bridges across borders and cultures in order to promote peace, human rights and democracy. We also want to explore appropriate teaching methods to foster peace in changing times and cultures.


edited by an international editorial board. The magazine is printed in Denmark and financed by members and our State´s "Magazine Fund". It is sent to all members of the "ITA" in many countries. Members and interested individuals in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and developing countries may be eligible to receive the magazine free of charge.
















ITA is a member of

”The International Peace Bureau” in Bern (IPB),


”The UN Association” ,Denmark



DANIDA, - The civic part.


Our own international aid project
makes it currently possible that two village schools in Nakote and Tartong, Helambu district, Nepal have each hired an extra teacher to improve learning opportunities – with a special emphasis on improving education for girls.


In addition, we sell - as a further aid project - knitwear made by local
Village women. To be sold in Denmark or other countries.


Knitting woman, Nakote.