Annual meeting in Belarus 2017


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Sunday 2nd juli

Arrivals.  Dinner  at the restaurant.


Monday 3rd juli

Breakfast.  Free time.  Lunch.  City Tour. Dinner.


Tuesday 4th Juli

Breakfast. Visiting the Lyceum of the Belarusian State University (10-12 a.m).  Lunch.   Visiting  the WW II museum( 14.30-16.30 p.m).   Leaving  for Vitebsk by bus(17.00 p.m).   Dinner on the way.  Arriving in  Vitebsk , checking -in at the hotel(about 21 p.m)


Wednesday 5th of July

Breakfast. City tour.  Visiting  the Arts School.  Lunch. The ITA plenary session (at the hotel).  Dinner.


Thursday 6th of July

Breakfast. Meeting at the Foreign  Languages Library. Lunch.  The ITA presentations  ( at the hotel).   Dinner.


Friday 7th of July

Breakfast. Attending the celebrations  of the 130-th anniversary of Marc Chagall. Attending the Museum of Marc Chagall. Lunch. The closing ITA plenary session (at the hotel)


Saturday 8th of July

Breakfast. A trip to Polotsk (by train) . A city tour, visiting a 12-th century Monastery.  Lunch.  Returning to Vitebsk.  The ITA Executive Committee   meeting.   The Farewell dinner.


Sunday 9th of July

Breakfast.  Departure to Minsk airport by bus. For those who are staying until the end of the day a boat tour on the Dvina river.

Organiser of the annual meeting is Valentina Yuchenkova, Vitebsk, Belarus.
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Remember to inform the President of International Teacher Executive Committee
Marina Azarenkova, St Petersburg