World without war
By Jytte Svendsen, Denmark


I was inspired of the article ”Conflict Resolution in the Humanities” by Lynn Kearney, USA. Read It here

8th grade formed 7 groups. They worked with different subjects:
1. Martin Luther King
2. Ghandi
3. Second World War
4. Woodstock Festival
5. The Balkan War
6. The Cold War
7. The peace movement

The groups should make up one’s mind about why conflicts breaks out. What can we learn from it. How can we encourage people to peacefull coexistence with human rights and democracy.
We used 9 lessons on the project.


The program
The students made presentations of their subjects in the program You can see some of them here. Unfortunately the most of it is in Danish.

Noah Davidian:  Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Ghandi)
Camilla Flebo: Ghandi Skole
Malene Johansen: Fredsbevægelsen (The peace movement)
Nanna Josefine Hessel: Martin Luther King 2
Sebastian, Signe, Emilie: Balkan krigen (The Balkan war)
Cecilie Kynding: Woodstock Festival
Cecilie Suckow: Større tolerance og menneskerettigheder (Human rights and tolerance among people)