Se fotos fra Polen her

Annual meeting in Poland 2015
Daniel Zagrodnik has invited.

The photos are from his school Mining Technical School

Read the program below and sign up to

Price: 450 Euro. You pay when you arrive.

Please sign up before the 1th of May


Program for the Annual Meeting 2015

6/7, Day One. Arriving in Warsaw . Accommodation ( hostel) we book in ad-vance , choosing/ what we like more.
7/7. Day Two.
Panoramic tour on Warsaw. or walking excursion, or sightsee-ing - on our own.
8/7, Day Three. The same program. We do, what we wish - walking, shop-ping.
9/7, Day Four. Arriving in Lublin. Daniel will meet us at the station. Daniel brings us to Lechna , Accomodation, Dinner
10/7, Day Five
. Panoramic tour on Mines(Shakhta), then - excursion to a House of Tradition, accomodation .
11/7, Day Six. Visiting Lublin University and meeting with prof. Maria Czymborska-Leboda (Teacher's University), walking in Lublin, accommoda-tion.
12/7, Day Seven. 7-30 to 09.00 Breakfast. 9.30 Conference in Mining Technical school Opening. 10.45. Coffee-break. 11.15-12.30 Session. 12.30-13.30 Lunch.13-16. Awarding the participants ( Certificates of the conference). Farewell ceremony- a friendly fire.
13/7, Day Eight.

Conference fee: 450Euro (everything is included) (We hope that will do) You pay when you arrive Poland